1. momentum is movement.

  2. Al & Kristina


  3. I stay woke.

  4. @chevyrenee all dressed up and ready to marry @nextbyraphael #nashwedding #blackqueen #chicagowedding #naturalhair #thelovedeluxe (at Hotel Allegro Chicago - A Kimpton Hotel)

  5. I’m the photo booth MONSTER!

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  7. do not expect paid results from a free investment.


  9. Creating a whole new world

  10. #imissyou howifeeltoday


  11. My sister and her husband lost the baby

    And it is fucking devastating.

  12. enjoying the view of her as she enjoys the view of Atlantis

    Model: Lingkoya Washington @lingywashere

  13. alovedeluxe:

    Chevonne on her day, chilling



  14. feigning ignorance is not attractive. at all

  15. 18-15n-77-30w:

    Into Darkness, comes light